Welcome to our special brand of 30's and 40's weekenders at the Victoria Hotel in beautiful Torquay – the English Riviera! It's a 325 capacity hotel with three ballrooms (one of which will be taken up by our cinema), a snug bar which will host our daily sing-along's and a very elegant glass-domed restaurant and huge indoor swimming pool.


Our British-slanted long-weekend goes all the way through till Monday and will be absolutely jammed-solid with all kinds of period entertainment featuring the very best orchestra's, group's, DJ's and dancers from the British 30's and 40's scene. Our expert DJ's include Rob Be-Bop and the Swinging Detective and our stellar line-up of entertainment is hosted by that ever-popular cheeky chappie, Viv The Spiv. He and all the team will be there to give you a hearty greeting on Friday afternoon. Each evening from 8pm till 2am we feature two long sets from our big name group or orchestra, plus (exclusive to our weekender) a very special ‘late night’ third set after midnight from them for all you revellers that like to dance to the early hours.

In the day time, as well as the social and swing dance lessons with Mark and Hoc Ewing, there is our trademark Savoy Tea Dances, where we also feature a lot of period novelty dances (which we are also famous for!) or you can enjoy a good old sing-along with Tim Huskisson at the piano or a game of 'Hoy' with Viv in the Windsor bar. Not only that, we are also offering you the full Cinema experience. Film-expert, Paul Cotgrove, of White Bus Cinema, will be presenting expertly-curated classic period British films on the huge ¾ cinema-size screen throughout the weekend. There are high-end vintage dealers and hair and make-up (courtesy of Vanity Box), and on Saturday we also have a daytime vintage fair; which is open to the public.

From Foxtrot to Lindy, Balboa to Palais Glide, we have something for you.

We hope to see you there

Snowboy and Tony


Please Note:

Charleston Stroll - In a sincere effort to keep within period, we do not cater for 'Charleston Stroll' or any strolls or line-dances. Although popular and believed to be a period dance, it is actually a country line-dance from the 90's called 'Cowboy Charleston'. Therefore it has no place at 'Riviera Swing'.

Dress Code – There is not a dress code, but, unprompted, dressing for dinner in period formal wear has become enormously popular. The majority of woman wear gowns, and men, dinner jackets, but do not feel you have to. However, we do not encourage pyjamas or nightgowns in the restaurant at breakfast.